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"I have spent years working in education trying to improve the lives of our children. I want to see Alabama schools succeed. We can do better! I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done for Alabama students, teachers, and parents."



Wayne believes that Alabama students need a strong foundation in math, science, history, language arts, and technology. Alabama needs to decide what those standards are. He wants to let the educators in our state decide what our students should be learning, not the government.


Wayne believes that all schools should be held accountable. When he was suprintendent of Athens City Schools, Athens made all A's that year. However, when a school is deemed failing, it is difficult to attract quality teachers and administrators to that school to improve it. Thus we should think of alternative methods of evaluating schools without labeling so many as "failing."


Alabama needs good teachers. We need to make sure that our teachers are recognized for the work that they are doing. We need to work to ensure successful college students interested in teaching as a career are guided toward that path.


Wayne thinks that integrity and ethics are lost in many of our elected officials today. He promises to uphold the highest ethical standards and will expect the same of his fellow State School Board members.

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